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Making a big noise: Paul Nixon opens up

SPECIAL FEATURE Keeping Quiet:The Autobiography, by Paul Nixon (The History Press) Paul Nixon once could barely contemplate reading a book, let alone writing one.  The former Leicestershire -- and England -- wicketkeeper always found that his concentration would falter and his eyes become tired after only a few pages, so however much he might want to improve his knowledge or simply be entertained by the written word, the contents of any volume would tend to remain an undiscovered pleasure. Although it would be many years before it was diagnosed, Nixon suffered from a condition that lay somewhere between dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, which explained not only why he found reading a challenge but also his poor concentration, his butterfly mind, even the fidgeting at the crease when he batted and the incessant jabbering behind the stumps that prompted Steve Waugh, the former Australian captain, to liken him to "a fly I wanted to swat". He ov