More Cloughie tales on way as Armitage scores a go-it-alone hit

When sports writer Dave Armitage was gathering the impressive collection of Brian Clough anecdotes that made up his book 150 BC, he had a shrewd idea there were plenty of tales of Old Big ‘Ead he hadn’t yet heard, quite apart from those he was not able to include.
Sure enough, even after interviewing close to 100 people he thought might have a story or two -- in some cases several -- to tell about the legendary manager, he soon found there were plenty more where they came from. So many, in fact, that Dave is putting the finishing touches now to a second volume, due out in the early autumn.
“People who’d already been kind enough to share memories with me began to get back to me with stories they’d previously forgotten,” he told The Sports Bookshelf. “And others who’d read the first book would want to tell me their tales.
“I quickly realised there were enough for a second book if people liked the first one.”
In fact, 150 BC was such a hit with its target audience that booksellers needed to restock after the first print run disappeared off the shelves and Cloughie Confidential, as the second collection is to be titled, will have just as much appeal.
But there is more to this success story than the satisfaction the author gleaned from seeing a good idea come to profitable fruition -- it also emphasises the growing potential of self-publishing in a difficult economic climate.
150 BC carries the imprint of Dave’s own company, Hot Air Publishing, and, while it looks just as professional a product as any offering from a big-budget publishing house, the reality is that it progressed from concept to point of sale for a relatively small outlay.
In today's second post, Dave Armitage explains the self-publishing process and how to make it work.  Read more...

“The problem for authors these days is that too many big national publishers have had their fingers burned with projects that have not paid their way and they seldom entertain an idea unless it is virtually a guaranteed best-seller,” Dave explained.
“Even if they do think an idea might be a winner, they aren’t likely to offer an author more than a fairly modest advance.
“It means that a lot of good ideas simply don’t see the light of day.
“I think that self-publishing, provided you know who your potential readers are and target them carefully, is now a genuinely viable alternative.”

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